Child Abuse Prevention

Child abuse occurs when someone caring for a child physically harms the child or causes emotional trauma. It can happen to any child. There also isn't one type of person who perpetrates child abuse.

Knowing the dangers and signs of abuse and what to do if you suspect it is key to protecting children. Many kids have a hard time speaking up about abuse. So knowing the signs can help.

Kids who are being abused might:

  • have frequent bruises, especially in places kids don't usually get bruises from play
  • have stories to explain injuries that don't make sense or keep changing
  • not want to go home
  • avoid being with the abuser
  • avoid being with others
  • show signs of emotional trauma, like fear, anger, or trouble relating to or trusting others
  • have nightmares or trouble sleeping
  • act out in class, have trouble paying attention, or be hyperactive

These are just a few possible signs and they don't always mean child abuse. There could be other factors.


Florida Relay 711 or TTY: 1-800-955-8771


  • Dept. of Children & Families Abuse Hotline

  • Choosing a Responsible Caregiver

  • Choosing Child Care

  • Search Florida Offender Database

  • FDLE Sexual Offenders & Predators Neighborhood Search

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