Members of Our Pack

Lt Bosco

Lieutenant Bosco

Lt. Bosco has been on the force for 4 months as the Commander of the Deputy Dogs Pets on Patrol Program. Here, she assigns patrols, signs certificates, takes photos, and sends cards to kids that are in the hospital. Lt. Bosco weighs 7.9lbs and is specially trained in covert operations.

Deputy Dog Gunner


Gunner made national headlines after he was rescued by his father, Rick Wilbanks, as a puppy from the jaws of an alligator. He’s survived the clutches of an alligator, and now he’s reporting for duty. Gunner is now authorized to give official tips about safety and reports directly to Lt. Bosco.

Deputy Dog Elly


Elly is a strong 5-year-old husky and ex-sled dog in charge of the SWAT team for cyber security. Equipped with one laser blue eye for seeing through flimsy alibis. Elly's main initiative is to protect the innocent, old, and young, from prowling Internet predators. 

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