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Lieutenant Bosco


Lt. Bosco has been on the force for 4 months as the Commander of the Deputy Dogs Pets on Patrol Program. Here, she assigns patrols, signs certificates, takes photos, and sends cards to kids that are in the hospital. Lt. Bosco weighs 7.9lbs and is specially trained in covert operations. She used these skills recently in the arrest of Renegade Roger the Rabbit.

This caught fugitive was known for devouring fresh vegetables out of the Farmer's Market. Thanks to Bosco, Deputy Chance was able to pounce on Roger and assist Chance in the arrest of Roger the Rabbit.  He currently resides at the Farmer's Market.

LCSO Lt Bosco
LCSO Deputy Chance

Deputy Chance

Deputy Chance has served for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for 5 months as the leader of the Deputy Dogs Pets on Patrol Program. He was found abused outside of Lehigh Acres and was later adopted by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Chance’s main initiative is to prevent animal abuse in all of Lee County. Sheriff Carmine Marceno has made Chance the new advocate for animal cruelty and he has been present for all Lee County and Lee County School District events. His ultimate goal is to end animal abuse around the globe.

Deputy Chance

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